As the Merced County Rescue Mission continues to serve the needy, homeless and poor, we have a Vision that will serve needy people in Merced County with greater sensitivity as God helps them move towards a better life.  We are excited about developing a 24X7 Homeless Center where services will include food, shelter, clothing, showers, and case management that will set people on a solid path for significant life change.  

We serve 150,000 meals and provide 26,125 nights of safe shelter.

Helping people change, one life at a time.

A Letter from one of our Volunteer Teachers...

By the women living at “Haven of Hope”, I am called “Miss Susan”.  I am only one of many Christian women and men who council and assist the Director, Ms. Viola Anderson, as she mentors and teaches these broken women how to accept responsibility for the choices and action s that they have made in their past lives.  The women come to know and understand the negative impact that those decisions have had not only on themselves, but also their families, their children and friends.

As they continue the Program at the Haven of Hope, the Lord will continue to strengthen them - providing them with tools they need to become the women GOD intended and planned them to be. 

As they learn to trust GOD and follow HIS word, they will and have begun to look forward to their future.  Unsure of what is to come but trusting in GOD and knowing and believing that HE will provide for all of their needs.  GOD IS SO GOOD!

Please continue to offer your support (both through your prayers and financial contributions) for the Merced County Rescue Mission’s Haven of Hope, program for women, for their Director “Viola Anderson”, and for the many wonderful teachers who generously and faithfully bring GOD’s Word as they offer their love and support to this very special Mission.


Susan Ardison | Volunteer