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We serve 150,000 meals and provide 26,125 nights of safe shelter.

Helping people change, one life at a time.

26 years  and the Mission is still here!

In the beginning, it was just a dream - a passion to see people who were suffering find hope through the gospel and a pathway out of their desperate situations.  The Mission’s work today is definitely different than what we did in 1991.  Yet, when Tom and Letitia Miller opened the Merced Rescue Mission, their vision to see broken lives restored became the driving force behind all we do today at the Merced County Rescue Mission.


The Merced County Rescue Mission started 26 years ago, as a ministry to the homeless.  Although we still serve many homeless, we have changed in many ways over the years to meet the needs of the community.  There are always new obstacles to overcome, and over the past few months we have faced incredible challenges.  As you may know, we have reached the limits of our ability to serve the community’s needs at the 1921 Canal Street location.  The building was over 100 years old.  Daily, we operated at near capacity and there was no room to expand.  It was deteriorating rapidly, to the point that continued maintenance was too expensive, repairs were no longer cost-effective - and many areas were beyond repair.  It was with great faith that we vacated the premises.  We were forced to find a new office, while relocating many Mission services that has caused us to scatter programs throughout the city.


As we grow and adapt to obstacles, as well as with the needs of our community, something that has not changed since our first day 26 years ago is our belief in Jesus, our desire to share the Gospel with everyone and our deep desire to see Jesus change lives.  With this in mind, we will keep improving  and trying new things so we can continue to be worthy of your trust and respect.  And we will always keep pointing people to Jesus!


Thank you for your support!  We could not do this without you.  Together, we are 26 years strong!