As the Merced County Rescue Mission continues to serve the needy, homeless and poor, we have a Vision that will serve needy people in Merced County with greater sensitivity as God helps them move towards a better life.  We are excited about developing a 24X7 Homeless Center where services will include food, shelter, clothing, showers, and case management that will set people on a solid path for significant life change.  

We serve 150,000 meals and provide 26,125 nights of safe shelter.

2013 1 Count
Possession of Methamphetamine

2013 1 Count
Intent to Sell

1997 1 Count
Check Fraud

1997 1 Count
Receiving Stolen Property

1990 2 Counts
Armed Robbery

Helping people change, one life at a time.

"When I came to the Mission... I didn't know if I would stay. I prayed about it. I felt God - and I felt this is where I needed to be!"

It might have been easier to commit a small crime than not to, If David Carr hadn’t been particularly resolved this time to change. He had been in and out of jail and prison since the 90’s and decided this was the time he would end the cycle. But any preparation behind bars for life on the outside hadn’t sufficiently accounted for those first few days, when he just had to find a way to get by.” So I was in-and-out, in-and-out of being locked up and then released. Until this last time, while I was doing my time I got saved. I told myself that when I got out it would be different- that this time I would change. I wanted my life back. I had lost everything to drugs. I stopped paying my bills to support my addiction, which led to me losing my house… And finally, my family.

When I got out this last time, I had been sober for some time. But I was homeless. I had nowhere to live. I was worried about being around the homeless population, that I might start getting high. I tried staying focused on getting my family back, but when that didn’t work- I had a fit and started getting high again.

During the night, I slept outside behind Walmart. When I would wake up, I would go to Del Taco – over by Walmart – to wash my face and hands. The manager would give me water. I would spend the day concentrating on getting high. Stealing from stores – and then returning the items for money…  Or getting drugs for someone else, so they would give me some.

I almost gave up, but then I came to the Mission. I made a promise to my kids that I would stay… They said “Yah-right dad!” They said this because of the countless programs I had tried and failed at. Again, and again I would go into a program – then leave. Like a revolving door… I went into four different programs within sixty days. When I came to the Mission… I didn’t know if I would stay. I prayed about it. I felt God – and I felt this is where I needed to be!

Today, I am a new man. From the way I think, the way I act, to the way I talk… I am a totally different person! Today, I am working, but I am also in school to be an alcohol and drug counselor. I just bought myself a new truck – I am a father again – I am a productive member of society… And it’s all because of Jesus Christ!

There are two paths in life… One leads to jail – prison – and death. The other leads to Christ! You can take the path and change your life now… Or wait until you’re 45 years old, like me – and hope you are still alive. A preacher told me once, that there is only one step – Jesus! Not 12 steps….”

When individuals are released from jail or prison they are at “high risk”. High risk for committing new crimes and ending up back behind bars. The problem of what to do with someone when they’re released from prison or jail isn’t a new one. One answer could be found at the Mission! If you know someone, or have a family member who is at “high risk”, share with them about our Bridge to Hope for men and Haven of Hope for women recovery program.